How Does the Fuller 13-Speed Transmission Work?


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The Eaton Fuller Super 13 transmission uses a simple mainshaft that is not splined to the auxiliary gear. This allows for reduced added mass, drag and inertia to the auxiliary section of the transmission.

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In turn, reduced inertia results in gear shifting that is more fluid and speedy than with other transmission designs. When the lever and splitter button move together on upshifts, the mainshaft quickly synchronizes, which facilitates the shifting process.

The Eaton Fuller Super 13 transmission also features a 16.9 overall reduction with a flexible ratio, and all button shifts have a pre-select that simplifies shifting. Its cold weather performance is improved due to an innovative design. The design of the output seal lengthens the life of the seal and prevents seal damage during yoke removal.

Some models also feature an optimized lubrication system that provides more cooling and lubrication during tough jobs. Helical gears in the auxiliary section result in less noisy operation and increased durability. The Eaton Fuller Super 13 transmission features gathered gear ratios that result in potential fuel savings by keeping RPMs low and remaining in the optimum fuel efficiency band of the engine. Eaton also offers a variety of Roadranger warranties that cover a wide variety of applications.

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