What Are Some FRAM Filter Applications?


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FRAM Group IP LLC manufactures oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters for both diesel and gasoline combustion engine vehicles. These filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed for compatibility with the vast majority of vehicles available on the market today.

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What Are Some FRAM Filter Applications?
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Oil, air and fuel filters are necessary components of an automobile engine because they filter out contaminant particles that could hinder the engine's functioning if allowed to enter the engine’s internal systems. Contaminants that enter the oil system can reduce the oil's ability to lubricate the components of the engine by generating friction, which in turn causes excess wear on the engine by generating heat. Contaminants that enter air or fuel systems can cause problems with combustion, resulting in reduced performance or even misfiring pistons in the engine block.

FRAM has been making automotive filters for over 75 years beginning with its invention of the first readily exchangeable oil filter. The company has been an innovator in its field throughout this time, having applied for and received numerous patents for its filter designs. These designs include filters specifically intended for filtering synthetic motor oil or that release additives to extend the service lives of high mileage vehicles.

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