Are Four-Wheel ATVs Easy to Maintain?


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Four-wheel ATV maintenance varies based on the rider and the ATV, but ATVs tend to be simple to maintain. Important regular maintenance procedures are changing the oil and filter, cleaning the air filter and checking the tire pressure. Dirt and debris should be cleaned off after riding.

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Are Four-Wheel ATVs Easy to Maintain?
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The oil and filter should be changed at least once per year, or more often if the ATV is used frequently. The oil collects debris, which can cause the engine to break down. If the ATV has been in water, the water may have mixed with the oil, which can also cause the engine to break down.

The air filter should be cleaned at least once per month and after any ride where a large amount of dust or dirt accumulated on the ATV. Dirt on the air filter is sucked into the engine, which can cause engine problems such as interior damage and a loss of power.

Pressure in each tire should always be checked before a ride. Tires with too much pressure produce a bumpy ride, and the tires wear out more quickly. Tires with too little pressure make the ATV difficult to handle and steer.

Fuel can also go bad if it is left in the tank for too long. An ATV that is not going to be used for several months should have the tank drained or an additive put in the fuel tank.

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