Is Be Forward Only for Used Japanese Cars?


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Most used cars for sale by Be Forward are produced by Japanese automakers, although a few come from American, Korean and European brands. Be Forward sources nearly all its cars from Japan and specializes in shipping to foreign nations.

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As of May 2015, Be Forward lists for sale around 17,000 used cars from Japanese manufacturers and about 3,000 used cars made by non-Japanese car companies. The vast majority of cars are from the Japanese domestic market and have been purchased by the company from auctions, car dealerships or private owners. Even those vehicles produced by non-Japanese automakers were originally sold new in Japan.

Be aware that most vehicles for sale by Be Forward are illegal to import into the United States or drive on U.S. roads. In most cases, vehicles not originally sold in the U.S. market cannot be imported until they are at least 25 years old.

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