How Are Fork Oil Capacities Determined?

fork-oil-capacities-determined Credit: pigphoto/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

In order to determine a motorcycle's fork oil capacity, the front spring coils need to be removed and fork decompressed. The oil capacity is determined by how much air is inside the shock tubes. If there is more air than oil, the suspension will be softer.

Fork tubes vary according to their design, some contain bleeder screws that allow the air to be bled from the suspension system. However, they can also be used as an access point to add more oil into the forks. These screws allow the forks to be customized for stiffer and softer suspension set-ups. In order to adjust a forks suspension use the following instructions.

  1. Remove the fork from the bike chassis
  2. Remove the fork from the bike chassis.

  3. Turn the fork over
  4. Turn the fork over and empty out the old oil from it.

  5. Refill the oil
  6. Check the motorcycles owner manual and refill the oil to the proper capacity.

  7. Reinstall the fork
  8. Reinstall the front suspension fork and compress it.

  9. Adjust the oil pressure
  10. Locate the bleeder screw on the front suspension fork and use a syringe to inject more oil into the fork. Check to see when there is enough oil in the fork by putting weight on top of it.