Does the Ford Windstar Have a Fuse Problem?

According to, the 1995 and 2003 Ford Windstar models have fuse and circuit breaker problems. On average, the 1995 model’s problem occurs after 8,800 miles while the 2003 model’s trouble happens after 35,250 miles.

The 1996, 1997 and 1998 models have minimal fuse and circuit breaker problems. One problem was reported for the 1996 model, none for the 1997 model and three for the 1998 model. The 1999 model had six reported fuse and circuit breaker problems after 47,600 miles. On three 2000 models, fuses blew around 125,000 miles. The motor fuel pump fuse blew in a 2001 model after 106,000 miles. The 2002 model had one reported fuse problem.