Which Ford Vehicles Come Equipped With Back-up Camera Systems?


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The 2015 Ford Taurus, the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the 2015 Fusion Energi and the all-aluminium 2015 F-150 truck all come equipped with back-up camera systems. The 2016 model-year Ford Transit van will also include a rear-view camera system as standard equipment.

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Back-up camera systems automatically engage when the vehicle is in put in reverse, transmitting an image of whatever is behind the vehicle to the driver. The image is then displayed on the rear view mirror or an installed navigation system.

The Ford back-up camera system displays images with colored guidelines; red-zone objects are very close, and green-zone objects are further away. The Ford system also comes with sensors that determine the distance between the car and an object behind it. The sensors produce a steady beeping sound as the vehicle is reversed, and the beep frequency increases as the vehicle approaches an object behind it.

One particularly noteworthy Ford back-up camera system is that of the 2015 model-year, all-aluminium F-150 truck. This model features four cameras: one on each of the side mirrors, one on the rear bumper and one on the front. These cameras form a 360-degree image which is displayed as a split view on an 8-inch touch screen in the dashboard.

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