What Are Ford Trouble Codes?

What Are Ford Trouble Codes?

Ford trouble codes are recorded inside the computer of the vehicle and allow a mechanic to troubleshoot any problems that may be occurring inside the engine. The universal term for trouble codes is referred to as "engine trouble codes."

In order to check the Ford trouble codes, the car must be connected to a diagnostic machine. Use the following instructions to properly check Ford trouble codes.

  1. Setup the diagnostic machine
  2. Turn the diagnostic machine on and place it in code check mode.

  3. Locate the diagnostic plug
  4. The location of the diagnostic plug varies according to each model, but it is usually found in the cabin or engine compartment of the vehicle.

  5. Connect the diagnostic machine
  6. Connect and run the diagnostic machine.

  7. Match the code numbers
  8. If there are any codes found, match the number displayed with the respective Ford trouble code.