How Do You Find Free Ford Service Manuals for Cars?

You can find free Ford owner's manuals with service information on The website has you choose your vehicle year, make and model, and then offers several manuals that correspond to that car. These manuals are available in PDF format, so you need Adobe Reader to view them.

To locate the manuals, go to the website, click on the Sync & How-Tos tab and then choose the Owner Manuals link under the Useful Links heading. The website lets you search for your vehicle either by year, make and model or by Vehicle Identification Number. Next, click the Select This Vehicle tab to view manuals.

Examples of manuals you can find are general overview, service and maintenance and warranty manuals. Manuals vary by car. For example, service and maintenance manuals for the 2004 Ford Explorer include Roadside Assistance Card Printing 1 and 2 and Scheduled Maintenance Guide Printing 2 and 5. Clicking on these links opens up PDF versions of the manuals.

Service-related topics are also available in some of the general overview manuals. General overview manuals accompanying the 2004 Ford Explorer include Owner's Manual Printing 1, 2 and 3 (1 and 2 also available in Spanish), as well as a Quick Reference Guide Printing 1 and Safety Advice Card Printing 1.