What Are Ford Schematics?

Ford schematics are technical diagrams for parts from Ford vehicles. Although a schematic can generically refer to any sort of technical drawing, most often the word applies to electrical wiring plans that are designed with abstract symbols standing in for various components of the vehicle.

Schematics are a kind of graphic that show how the components of a complex machine work together. The term may be used in a loose way to refer to any sort of technical drawing, especially one that uses symbols rather than accurate visual renderings of the actual parts. However, the term most often refers to symbolic drawings of circuits and maps of the electrical wiring within a machine.

Ford schematics include electrical wiring diagrams and mechanical diagrams. In vehicles such as Ford automobiles, electrical schematics are diagrams that show the wiring of the car using standardized sets of symbols. As the wiring may be connected together in a very complex way, the layer of abstraction provided by the symbol set helps makes things more clear.

In vehicle schematics, the location of components in the diagram does not necessarily reflect their real position in the vehicle. When drawing a schematic, the designer puts more emphasis on clarity than on providing a one-to-one physical correspondence between the diagram and reality. For example, schematic makers often draw in a symbol called a bus to stand for large groups of wires that may number in the thousands.