What Are Some Ford Salvage Yards in Kentucky?


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Some Ford salvage yards in Kentucky include Davis Salvage and KY Auto Parts. Lewis Auto Parts KY is another salvage yard, and individuals can visit each of the salvage yards' websites to learn about hours and options.

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When visiting the salvage yard, take care not to cause additional damage to the surrounding vehicles and scrap materials. Be patient as you explore, as there are many vehicles and scrapped parts to browse through, and you might not find what you are looking for immediately. Handle the parts that you find with care, as there are many other pickers interested in looking through the salvage yard. Damage to wiring and hoses is standard, especially when removing parts from vehicles, but be sure to leave the majority of the vehicles in good shape if you do not find what you are looking for.

Have a friend come with you to help you lift the heavier parts. Borrow cherry pickers, wheelbarrows or carts as necessary to help you with your search, and be safe when you harvest and inspect parts. Avoid causing unnecessary damage to yourself as much as the vehicles. Practice salvage yard etiquette by avoiding throwing away garbage in the area, and do not leave parts strewn about on pathways.

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