What Are Some Ford F150 Diagnostic Codes?


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Some Ford F150 diagnostic codes are P0109 for the BARO sensor circuit being intermittent, P0112 for the intake air temperature sensor circuit having low input, and P0123 for the throttle position circuit having high input. Diagnostic codes are mostly standard but can change slightly between year models of the F150.

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Other common codes for the Ford F150 include P0117 and P0118 that notify drivers of problems with their coolant temperature circuit. The diagnostic code P061B is also a common reading for Ford F150 trucks. This code lets drivers know that there is a problem with the internal control module's torque calculation performance. This problem is unique to larger vehicles like trucks that have great torque for pulling heavy loads. Some of the most problematic diagnostic codes for the F150 and most other vehicles are P0301 to P0310, which signal a misfiring cylinder that can be destructive to the vehicle's engine.

As F150 models change over time, additional diagnostic codes become available because of parts that have been made obsolete or new parts that have been added to the vehicle's design. Drivers can find these diagnostic codes by using an on-board diagnostic scanner that can be bought at most auto care stores.

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