What Are Some Ford Airbag Diagnostic Trouble Codes?

Diagnostic trouble codes for Ford vehicles include codes B1317 and B1318 for battery voltage issues, B1884 to B1892 for warning indicator problems, and B2292 to B2439 for circuit failures in the restraint systems and airbag status. These codes identify specific issues with the airbag and seatbelt systems of the vehicle.

DTCs are retrieved by connecting a diagnostic tool to the restraints control module, while the associated lamp fault codes are indicated by warning lights. To figure out a specific LFC, count the number of flashes, given in two groups corresponding to the error code number. For example, four flashes followed by three flashes indicates a LFC error code of 43.

Individual trouble codes point to problems with particular circuits, including improperly grounded or open circuits or circuits that have shorted to ground, which may indicate a non-functional system. DTC B2293 (LFC 19 and 21) indicates a circuit failure in the passenger or driver's front airbags, while DTC B2295 (LFC 22 and 23) shows a failure in the side airbags. DTC B2434 through B2692 (LFC 51 through 54) indicate issues with the driver and passenger safety buckle switches, such as a failure for warning lights to activate when occupants are not buckled in.