Are Foil or Rotary Shavers Better?


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For those people who shave regularly and have fine hair, foil shavers are recommended; however, those who shave irregularly or possess very coarse hair are a better fit for rotary shavers. Foil and rotary shavers are two kinds of electric shaving devices and each fit a particular style of shaving.

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There are several factors to consider before investing in a shaver. This is because each device suits different hair types and different shaving routines.

Foil shavers are preferable for those who have straight hair growth and keep their shaver in fine form, cleaning the blades often. They also confer the benefit of a very close shave, and are very precise. However, those with sensitive skin sometimes feel that the foil shaver does damage to the face and other sensitive areas.

Rotary shavers, meanwhile, fit those with rough and curly hair. They do not need to be cleaned quite as often as foil shavers, and they are generally regarded as more convenient, as some models do not require shaving cream to operate. However, rotary shavers do not deliver the precision or the closeness of foil shavers, which is a major drawback for some potential customers.

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