What Are Some Foam Fill Tire Kits?

As of 2016, TyrFil, Poly Fill and Rely Flat Proofing Polymer are a few available tire foam fill kits. Providing companies include Carpenter Company, Accella Tire Fill Systems and Poly Tire Fill Flat Proofing Service.

TyrFil provides a durable filling for tires that enables the vehicle in question to drive over rocks, glass, nails and other damaging objects. The product lessens G-force impact and is resistant to high amounts of heat. It functions by imitating air riding characteristics. The TyrFil website provides a dealer locator for finding product retailers.

Poly Tire Fill Flat Proofing Service offers two types of Poly Fill, these being the URE-25 and URE-49. The URE-25 offers medium level deflection and general purpose use, while the URE-49 offers less deflection, and is usable for very heavy loads. Once applied, Poly Fill products take about 24 to 48 hours to cure, with weather determining the curing time.

Carpenter Company's Rely Flat Proofing Polymer provides about 24 hours of cure time. The liquid product solidifies into light rubber, making tires resistant to spikes, rocks, bullets, nails and other sharp objects. Subcategories of the product, such as the Rely T-15 and Rely T-25, target mid-purpose, all-purpose and maximum duty trucks.