What Does a Flowmaster 40 Sound Like on a Pickup Truck?


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When installed on a pickup truck, the Flowmaster 40 muffler emits rich, deep tones. It comes equipped with Gen II Delta Flow chamber technology that keeps the increased noise outside instead of in the cab.

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The Flowmaster 40 boasts the deepest available tone on the market. It is made of aluminized steel and is corrosion resistant. Its durability lies in its metal inert gas welding, and it has a two-chamber design that enhances both torque and horsepower. The muffler comes in a black case embossed with Flowmaster's logo and has a three-year warranty.

Flowmaster's 40 series contains three models. The 40 Series Delta Flow—Aggressive offers louder tones than other models, but the noise is kept outside thanks to the Delta Flow technology. The Super 40—Aggressive has a tone that boasts more bass and is described as "deeper" and "meaner" by Auto Anything; it is also equipped with Delta Flow technology, making the interior of the car much quieter. The 40 Series—Aggressive is considered the standard aftermarket muffler. It mimics the sound most associated with muscle cars. Unlike the 40 Series Delta Flow and the Super 40, the 40 Series does not use Delta Flow technology, and the tone emitted by the muffler is just as loud inside the car as it is outside.

Flowmaster specializes in aftermarket exhaust products. It produces stainless steel mufflers and mufflers designed specifically for racing. The company also produces exhaust systems, kits, headers and accessories. High-flow catalytic converters are also available for purchase through Flowmaster.

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