What Are Some Floor Plans for Thor RVs?

What Are Some Floor Plans for Thor RVs?

Thor Industries own several recreational vehicle manufacturers that offer floor plans such as 37LS, 37RB and 38RE from the Outlaw series and 34RESA, 38RSSA and 41RSSB4 from the DRV Estates. The floor plans differentiate according to the size of the vehicle, model and class. Higher-end models have more options in terms of amenities.

Thor Motor Coach produces several different variations of recreational vehicles. The Outlaw is a Class A model and powered by a 6.8-liter V10 gasoline engine. It is available with a 37LS floor plan, which features two sleeping areas, one of which is a loft that contains a queen-sized bed. This unit contains a full bathroom.

The 38RE is the top-shelf model of the Outlaw and has a king-sized bed, master bathroom and patio area. The dining area converts to an additional sleeping area with access to an additional closet.

The DRV Estate has the following floor plans available:

  • 34 RESA: The most basic Estate floor plan, featuring a small kitchen, queen-sized bed and stand up shower.
  • 38 RSB3: A slightly larger model with a king-sized bed in the master bedroom.
  • 38 RSSA: Has the same layout as the RESA, with approximately 20 square feet more room.
  • 39 RSSB4: This floor plan features a working fireplace.
  • 43 Cincinnati: One of the largest Estate models featuring a fireplace, walk-in closet and full master bedroom.
  • 44 Memphis: The largest available Estate model, complete with a kitchen island, master bedroom and walk-in closet.