How Do You Fix a Toyota Seatbelt?

To repair a malfunctioning Toyota seat belt, take the cover off the retractor and the adjuster cover, and take out the adjuster bolt and the lower lap belt mounting bolt. Remove the retractor from the belt, and pull the belt through the new retractor. Secure the belt in place with a new bottom lap belt mounting bolt and a new retractor adjustment bolt, and reassemble the rest of the seat belt mechanism.

The retractor cover is located under the seat belt, and it looks like a door. Take the mounting screws out of it to remove the cover. Take out the retractor mounting bolt using adjustable pliers to remove the adjuster cover. Turn the lower lap belt mounting bolt clockwise with adjustable pliers to loosen it and remove it. The bolt is usually connected near the floor of the vehicle.

Ensure that the new retractor is located in the same place on the seat belt as the old one was. Make sure that the bottom lap belt mounting bolt is tightened firmly on the belt. After the new retractor adjustment bolt is in place, replace the retractor cover, and place the retractor bolthole onto the mounting bracket. Secure the fitting with the mounting bolt, and use adjustable pliers to fasten it in place more firmly. Place the mounting bolts back into the cover, and tighten them with a screwdriver.