How Do You Fix a Taillight on a Ford Focus?

How Do You Fix a Taillight on a Ford Focus?

Repairing the a taillight on a Ford Focus requires disconnecting the battery and replacing the housing from the vehicle. A cracked or damaged taillight housing does not allow the light from the bulb to shine properly. If the unit is not promptly replaced, the driver of the vehicle may be fined by local law enforcement.

The taillight's main function is to warn other drivers of the vehicle's presence. When the housing is cracked or damaged, water can enter, causing the bulbs to fail and wiring to shorten. To avoid any fines or accidents, a damaged taillight needs to be replaced. The following instructions explain how to replace a damaged taillight on a Ford Focus.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Locate the battery inside the vehicle's engine compartment, and disconnect it to avoid any accidental shock.

  3. Locate the taillight
  4. The taillight mounting location is found inside the trunk. Open the trunk and pull back the plastic panels.

  5. Remove the bulbs
  6. Twist the bulb out of the housing.

  7. Loosen the taillight bolts
  8. With the bulb removed, loosen the mounting bolts found behind the taillights. Then push the housing out.

  9. Inspect the replacement housing
  10. Inspect the new housing to ensure it is correct. Then place the housing on the mounting location, using the mounting bolts to secure it.

  11. Install new bulbs
  12. Install new bulbs on the harness, and twist them onto the housings. Reconnect the battery, and turn on the lights to ensure they are working properly.