How Do I Fix a Stuck Sunroof?

To fix a stuck sunroof, park your car in a garage, and take apart the sunroof assembly. Identify any parts that are broken, and repair or replace them.

  1. Remove the glass

    Move the sunroof to a tilted position, if possible. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws that hold the glass panel in place. Gently pop the glass panel out of its frame, and set it aside in a safe spot.

  2. Inspect the sunroof mechanisms

    With the sunroof mechanisms exposed, inspect the gears that make it move. Check to see if any gears or components are broken, cracked or stripped. Clean out any debris or grease buildup that has accumulated in the gears or mechanisms.

  3. Check sunroof positions

    Have a friend turn on your car and operate the different sunroof positions. Watch as the gears move, looking for problem areas. Look out for gears that stick or a motor that makes noise but does not move the assembly.

  4. Remove and replace problem components

    Photograph the existing assembly for reference. Carefully remove any gears or motors that are causing problems. Take them to an auto parts store, and buy replacement parts. Replace the old parts, check the performance of the sunroof, and replace the glass panel.