How Do You Fix Squeaky Front Suspension Components?

To fix squeaky front suspension, inspect and replace the worn components found under the chassis. Suspension components are made from rubber, hydraulic pistons and steel. All of which become worn out in time.

Before replacing any of the suspension components lift the vehicle and have them inspected. The squeaks can come from the shocks, bushings, tie-rods, control arms or ball joints. Check each component and see which ones are worn.

>Common suspension components that squeak

  • Bushings
  • There are bushings located on every joint on the underside of the car. When a rubber bushing dries its joint rubs against it and cause it to squeak. Repairing the problem requires locating the worn bushing and replacing it.
  • Shocks
  • Shocks are what absorb the vibrations of the road to the chassis. When one shock is failing it may squeak, although it will be accompanied by several other symptoms such as loud vibrations.
  • Ball joints
  • Ball joints are found on on control arms and tie-rod ends. A ball joint uses a greased bearing protecting by a rubber cover. The cover prevents any debris from entering and allows the ball joint to absorb any vibrations from the road. When the rubber cover cracks and debris enters it the bearing it fails. This causes the joints to squeak and transfers more vibrations to the cabin of the vehicle.