How Do You Fix Squeaky Brakes?

fix-squeaky-brakes Credit: Lisa McDonald/E+/Getty Images

To fix squeaky brakes, clean the brake pads and rotors with WD-40 spray to remove dust and debris, and adjust the caliper bolts. If needed, replace the brake pads and rotors, and refill the brake lubricant reservoir. Raise the car with a jack before beginning this task.

  1. Clean the brakes

    Move the vehicle to flat ground, and raise one of the car corners with a car jack. Slide underneath the car, and check the brake discs for any obstructions, including debris. Remove the car wheel to access the brake pads and rotors. Spray the pads and rotors with WD-40 to remove all dust and dirt and to lubricate the brakes. Repeat the process for the remaining wheels, and test the brakes for squeaks.

  2. Adjust the caliper bolts

    If the brakes still squeak, loosen tight caliper bolts, or tighten loose bolts with a wrench to secure them correctly. Spray the bolts with WD-40 to remove dust and dirt.

  3. Replace worn-out components, and refill the lubricant reservoir

    Remove worn-out rotors and brake pads, and replace them with new ones. Check the brake lubricant reservoir, and refill it with a lubricant to prevent friction. Replace the car wheels, lower the vehicle, and test the brakes.