How Do You Fix a Side-View Mirror?


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To fix a side-view mirror, detach the car door and mirror trim panels to unplug the mirror, then remove the mirror from the vehicle. Attach the replacement mirror, and restore the detached parts.

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How Do You Fix a Side-View Mirror?
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  1. Gather supplies

    Get a replacement side-view mirror compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. Additionally, get a door panel remover, a hooked pick, a screwdriver with changeable bits and a can of automotive spray paint.

  2. Remove the panels

    Lower the car window. If your side-view mirror is powered manually, only remove the mirror trim panel. If your side-view mirror is powered electrically, remove the door panel before removing the mirror trim panel. Use the door panel remover to detach the mirror trim panel. Scan the door panel for screws hidden behind round covers. Use the hooked pick to remove the round covers, then extract the screws from behind them. Use the door panel remover to remove the fasteners, and gently pry off the panel. Set the panel aside.

  3. Replace the side-view mirror

    Find out where the mirror's electrical wire is connected. Unplug the wire. Unscrew the mirror's mounting screws, and extract the mirror from the door. Mount and connect the new mirror, and screw it into place. Briefly turn on the car's electrical system to test the new mirror. If the mirror works, re-attach the mirror trim and car door panels.

  4. Paint the new mirror

    Determine the factory color code for the make and model of your vehicle, and purchase the paint from an online or local auto shop. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions to paint the new mirror.

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