How Do You Fix a Scratch on a Car?

How Do You Fix a Scratch on a Car?

Fix a car scratch by first tracking down your vehicle's paint code, cleaning off any dirt and then polishing and buffing the scratch. For deeper scratches, continue by wet-sanding the area, applying compound and painting until the scratch is completely filled. Avoid waxing your vehicle for approximately 30 days.

  1. Find your paint match

    The paint code is often found underneath a vehicle's hood or in the side door. If you are unable to find the paint code, another option is to visit the parts counter at your dealership. Finally, you may purchase custom-mix paint from an auto paint dealer by taking in a sample, such as the gas cap or a side mirror.

  2. Clean the surface

    First clean the area to remove any surface dirt. If it is a surface scratch, the next and final step is to polish and buff the area until the scratch is no longer visible. However, if the scratch is deeper, continue to clean the area with a solvent to remove any wax or oil.

  3. Carefully apply the paint

    Squeeze the paint directly onto the scratch, and keep it overnight. Next, wet-sand the affected area with a sponge. Finally, if there are any low spots, add more paint and repeat until the scratch is level and smooth. Add a final compound to restore the gloss.