How Do You Fix Rust on a Car?

How Do You Fix Rust on a Car?

To fix rust on a car, rub it with a wire brush, sand the area, apply primer, paint the surface, apply clear sealant, and buff the area. This process takes several hours and requires a wire brush, a grinding wheel, sandpaper, primer, paint, clear sealant, a buffer and automotive wax.

  1. Scrub the rust with a wire brush

    Scrub the rust with a wire brush until all of the red discoloration disappears.

  2. Grind and sand the work area

    Eliminate pitting and roughness with a grinding wheel, and then polish the surface with sandpaper. Feel it with your fingers, and keep sanding until the surface is smooth and even.

  3. Prime the area

    Apply three coats of spray primer at 10-minute intervals. After applying the third coat, let the primer dry overnight, and then rub it with fine sandpaper. Use light strokes, and stop sanding as soon as the primer feels smooth.

  4. Apply paint and clear sealant

    Apply three or four coats of automotive paint. Dry each coat for two hours before applying the next. When the paint is dry, cover it with a coat of clear sealant.

  5. Buff the surface

    Apply a dollop of automotive wax, and buff the repaired area until it shines and blends in with the rest of the vehicle.