How Do You Fix a Rear Main Seal?


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To fix a rear main seal, drain all the oil from both the crankcase and the radiator. Clean the engine and the transmission. Lift the engine a few inches above using a crane, and loosen the motor mounts. Unplug the distributor located at the back of the engine.

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To remove the oil pan, raise the engine to an appropriate height using the jack stands. Loosen the oil span bolts, and pry it off the engine using a putty knife. Unplug the rear main bearing cap bolt carefully to avoid scratching the crankshaft. Study the three types of rear main seals, and then use a small brass punch to unplug the upper part of the seal. Make it easier to remove by having somebody rotate the engine by hand at the tapped end of the seal punch towards the direction of the crankshaft.

Soap up the side that moves, and oil the side that slides on the crankshaft to remount the upper seal on the crankshaft. Twist the crankshaft in one direction, and then place the seal on top of it as it is continuously pushed into the hole. Both the old seal and the neoprene should be pressed on the main cap.

Place the main cap, and secure the bolt caps to the correct specifications of the car engine. Place the oil pan, and remove the jack. Fill the engine with oil and coolant.

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