How Do You Fix the Rear Brakes on Dodge?


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To repair worn rear drum brakes on most Dodge vehicles, remove the rear wheels and outer brake drums and replace the brake shoes, the parts of drum brakes designed to wear out. Access the brake shoes by removing the three springs inside the brake drum.

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The tools needed for this task are a jack with jack stands, a tire iron, a ratchet with assorted sockets and extensions, a flat-head screwdriver, a pry bar, a hammer, brake spring pliers and a can of brake part cleaner. Loosen the lug nuts, raise the vehicle and support it firmly with jack stands, then remove the rear wheels. The wheels and lug nuts hold the outer drake drum in place, but drums often rust. Use the hammer and pry bar is necessary to pry the outer drums loose and remove them.

Working one side of the vehicle at a time, spray the inner drum thoroughly with brake part cleaner. While the parts are still wet, loosen the bolts that hold the brake springs in place, and remove the springs with the brake spring pliers. Remove the metal arm in front of the drum brake adjuster at the bottom of the drum (there is a spring behind it that must be removed), and remove the drum brake adjuster. Replace the brake shoes, and reassemble the brake drums in reverse order, tightening the spring retainer bolts to Dodge's recommended torque settings for the vehicle.

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