How Do You Fix an Oil Leak on a Car?


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To fix an oil leak on a car, raise the car, locate the source of the leak, repair the leak, and lower the car. Be sure to check the oil filter and the oil pan gasket for any oil leaks. Required tools include a ratchet socket set, screwdrivers, a car jack and jack stands.

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Jack up the car with a car jack, and put jack stands underneath the car, making sure that the stands can securely support the car's weight. Crawl under the car, and carefully examine leaking sections. Check the drain plug for oil drips. Tighten the plug to stop leaking. If the problem persists, spray an appropriate lubricant around the plug to see if there are cracks. If bubbles appear, replace the faulty plug with a new one.

Examine the engine's oil filter. If it is leaking, cover it with a towel, and tighten with your hands. If oil continues to drip, drain out the oil, remove the damaged filter, fix in place a new filter, and add new oil. Proceed to the oil gasket if the leakage doesn't stop. Pry off the oil pan, drain out oil, and check for cracks and tears. If the gasket is damaged, change it with a new one, and replace the oil.

Check other sections for oil drips, and repair as appropriate. Wait for about 10 minutes. Once you have fixed all of the leaks, use the jack to raise the vehicle, remove the jack stands, and lower the car.

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