How Do You Fix a Loose Tilt Steering Column?


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To fix a loose tilt steering column, park the vehicle, and disconnect the battery. Take the steering wheel's centerpieces off to reveal the steering wheel bolt; remove it with an adjustable wrench. Use the steering wheel puller according to the manufacturer's directions, and take off the wheel and lock plate. Using channel lock pliers, take off the retaining ring. Loosen the screws holding the turn signal in place, and take off the turn signal's wiring harness.

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Insert the key into the ignition, and turn it on. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew the lock cylinder before removing it. Take out the three bolts holding the steering column in place, and remove the column's housing on the driver's side, being careful to secure the dimmer switch and upper bearing as it moves. Find the retainer clip in the tilt assembly; it is clipped onto a large spring and can be removed by pressing it with a screwdriver until it loosens. Take out the spring assembly, as well as the pivot pins in the tilt column.

Find the tilt adjusting arm, and pull it forward. Move the steering column as far up and to the right as possible. The steering wheel rod releases when it is aligned with the actuator rack. Reassemble the tilt steering column by repeating the process in reverse.

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