How Do You Fix a Leaking Radiator in Your Car?


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To fix a leaking radiator, use a radiator sealant. Pour the radiator sealant into the radiator. When a radiator sealant is applied to radiator walls, a coating is formed over any small holes that cause the leak.

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There are many brands of radiator sealants on the market, but they all work the same way. To seal a radiator leak, pour the radiator sealant into the radiator, the recommended amount is usually one full bottle. Pour the product inside the radiator without draining out any coolant. Add radiator fluid through the radiator cap until the coolant level is equal to the amount that the manufacturer recommends.

Start the car and give the engine some time to warm up. This will ensure that the plastic sealant circulates through the leaking radiator. To thoroughly coat the radiator, let the car run for approximately 10 minutes. Then fill the radiator with a mixture of water and coolant in equal proportions.

Fixing a radiator leak using a radiator sealant is not a permanent solution. It is a permanent fix to ensure that you don’t get stranded alongside the road. You will have to drive your vehicle to an auto shop to get a permanent fix.

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