How Do You Fix a Leaking Gas Tank?

fix-leaking-gas-tank Credit: Joanne Dugan/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To repair a leak in the fuel tank of a vehicle, drain the fuel from the tank, and seal the hole with a gas tank repair epoxy. Repairs typically require about an hour to complete, but the epoxy should be allowed to dry according to the instructions before filling the tank with fuel.

  1. Drain the gas tank

    Drain the tank by removing the plug on the bottom of the tank or by siphoning the gas from the tank. Store the fuel in an approved container.

  2. Sand the area around the damage

    Locate the damaged area of the tank, and sand the area and surrounding 2 inches with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any rust or debris. If the damage is not visible, disconnect any wires or hoses connected to the tank, and remove the straps holding the tank in place. The damaged area should be visible after removing the straps.

  3. Apply epoxy to the damaged area

    Clean the area by wiping it with a dry towel, or use a degreasing agent to clean the area. Apply the gas tank repair epoxy according to the instructions on the packaging, and allow it to dry for the recommended amount of time.

  4. Replace the tank

    If necessary, reinstall the fuel tank, and reconnect the wires and hoses.