How Do You Fix the Instrument Panel Lights in a Car?

To fix the instrument panel lights in a car, remove the dashboard panels, disconnect the battery terminal, remove the old bulb and then replace it with a new one. Put everything back together again and connect the battery before driving.

To find out the correct way to remove the dash panels, it's best to refer to a shop manual of the vehicle, which are available online. Usually, the radio comes out first and then the lower trim panel. Screws hold all of the panels in place, so if the panel doesn't come off, look for hidden screws. There are also spring clip panel fasteners that hold them in place, so remove these clips, too.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal before working behind the dashboard. Remove the connectors from the controls and switches and lift out the panel. All electrical connectors have a release tab, so make sure to release it before pulling out the connector. Remove the bezel to access the cluster retaining screws, tilt the cluster forward and disconnect the connectors. When the cluster comes out, turn it over, remove the old bulbs and insert new ones. Use caution when handling the bulbs as they can easily shatter between the fingers, and it may be best to use a screwdriver to pry them out if they do not come out easily.