How Do You Fix Your Engine Oil?


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Add oil, change the oil or consult a professional mechanic to fix engine oil problems on a vehicle. Using a dipstick to check the oil level allows you to detect most engine oil problems. Examine the color and texture of the oil on the stick, as well as the level of the oil, to detect oil problems.

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Check the oil in your vehicle regularly when the engine is warm but not hot. Clean the dipstick, insert it into the oil reservoir and pull it out again. Compare the level with the markings on the dipstick to see if the car needs oil. If it is below the add line, add a quart and check it again. Repeat the process until the oil reaches the correct level.

Oil that appears black or brown in color on the dipstick is normal. If it is light gray and milky, or if metal shavings are visible in the oil, there is likely a significant engine problem; consult a professional mechanic for an estimate.

Change the oil at the manufacturer's recommended intervals to keep it in the best possible operating condition. Always use the weight, grade and viscosity prescribed for the car in the owner's manual.

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