How Do You Fix a Dodge Timing Belt?


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To fix a Dodge timing belt, first park the vehicle on a flat surface, and allow the engine to cool. Pop the hood, and disconnect the battery. Take the first spark plug out, and rotate the crankshaft until the number one cylinder is at the top of the compression stroke. Make sure the mark on the crankshaft lines up with the zero on the engine's timing scale. Take off all components in the way of the timing belt cover.

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Once the timing belt cover is exposed, take it off. Align the timing marks, loosen the belt's tension, and remove it. Replace the timing belt tensioner bearings if they appear loose or have been noisy. Test the crankshaft seals, and replace them if they leak. Being careful to keep the timing marks aligned, place the new belt, and activate the tensioner. Make sure the belt fits appropriately on the camshaft and sprockets.

Turn the crankshaft clockwise for two revolutions to integrate the belt with the sprockets. Make sure the crankshaft comes back to the timing mark. Replace the gasket on the timing belt cover, and use the bolts to put it back on. Return the components that covered the timing belt cover, and reconnect the battery. Shut the hood, and start the car. If no strange noises occur, the timing belt has been installed correctly.

Replacing a timing belt is a difficult task, but it is much less expensive to fix at home than with a mechanic. To replace the timing belt on a Dodge Caravan, RepairPal estimates a cost between $315 and $430. The cost of a timing belt is between $20 and $40.

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