How Do You Fix a Dodge Caravan Sliding Door?

To fix a Dodge Caravan sliding door, first identify the specific problem. Common problems with Dodge Caravan sliding doors include the door not opening or closing, and sluggish door movements.

If the power sliding doors stop working completely, first check the car's battery to make sure that it is working correctly. This is done by taking the Dodge Caravan's battery through a load test done by a car expert. If the battery fails the test, replacing it can help fix the sliding door problem. Replacing the van's body control module is also helpful in resolving door problems.

Alternatively, check the bottom part of the door and make sure that there is nothing stuck there. Debris, such as grass, clothing or plastic bags, can cause the power sliding door to get jammed. To fix this, use a standard head screwdriver to remove the two head screws on the black plastic cover of the door's mechanism. Pull the cover off the door to expose any debris on the door's mechanism.

Remove any dirt, plastic bags, grass or clothing and clean the area carefully. Use silicone spray to lubricate the gears on the door, sliding it slowly up and down to spread the spray. Put the black plastic cover back, and ensure that the head screws are well tightened. Test the door to make sure it is working properly.