How Do You Fix a Dent in a SeaArk Aluminum Boat?

How Do You Fix a Dent in a SeaArk Aluminum Boat?

Methods to fix a dent in a SeaArk aluminum boat include cold hammering, heating, electromagnetic manipulation and using a filler. Due to the possibility of further damage and injury inherent in the other methods, only the last technique applies to owner repairs.

SeaArk boat walls are heavy gauge aluminum and often double-hulled. Dents on the external wall are difficult to repair because the metal has stretched. Cold hammering is likely to create additional dings and pull the aluminum past its recovery point, creating a hole.

Made of 5000-series aluminum that incorporates magnesium, boat hull material is not heat-treated. Heating and massaging the dent is tricky because if the metal exceeds 750 degrees Fahrenheit or undergoes repeated cycles of heating, it changes chemically and loses structural integrity. This is hard to detect as aluminum does not color under heat.

Heat repairs become dangerous when there is a gas reservoir in the hull. The less gas in the tank, the more likely that fumes are present, filling the available volume and leading to an explosion. There is a probability of damaging any carpet or other decorative materials that melt or burn when heated. Heating and electromagnetic manipulation are most effective when performed by knowledgeable professionals using specialized tools.

Filling is a good option for painted aluminum. A fiberglass jelly added to shallow dents, sanded and painted, masks and strengthens affected areas.