How Do You Fix a Cracked Dashboard?

How Do You Fix a Cracked Dashboard?

To fix a cracked dashboard, sand it, apply melted polyurethane, sand the dried filler, apply texturizing spray, and apply a topcoat. This two-hour procedure requires latex gloves, sandpaper, a polyurethane rod, a torch, dashboard filler, hardening compound, texturizing spray, a scuff pad and a tinted topcoat.

  1. Sand the cracked area

    Put on latex gloves, and sand the cracked area with coarse sandpaper.

  2. Apply melted polyurethane filler

    Melt the tip of a polyurethane welding rod into the cracked area. Overfill the crack slightly.

  3. Sand the polyurethane

    Give the polyurethane several minutes to cool, then place a sheet of sandpaper over it, and sand it until it is level with the rest of the dashboard.

  4. Apply dashboard filler

    Mix dashboard filler and hardening compound according to the manufacturer's directions. Spread the mixture over the sanded polyurethane. Give it the amount of drying time indicated in the filler's instructions.

  5. Sand the filler

    Sand the dried filler with coarse sandpaper, then polish it with fine sandpaper.

  6. Apply texturizing spray

    Apply texturizing spray, and let it dry according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  7. Scuff the dashboard

    Run your fingers over the dashboard to locate any rough spots, and smooth those areas with a dry scuff pad.

  8. Apply a tinted topcoat

    Spray the dashboard with a tinted topcoat to finish.