How Do You Fix Cigarette Burns in Cloth Seats?

To repair a cigarette burn stain on a cloth seat, the affected area will need to be rinsed, cut off and patched. Patching a cigarette burn does allow for a temporary solution, but the most effective fix is to professionally reupholster the seat.

When something hot touches a cloth seat, the fiber will either ignite or burn off. This leaves a black stain on the seat or, depending on the severity of the burn, can sometimes create a hole in the fabric. A temporary repair is relatively simple to complete. The following instructions explain how to remove a burn stain from a cloth car seat.

  1. Pour mayonnaise on the stain
  2. Mayonnaise will soak into the stain and cause the burnt fiber to loosen up from the seat. Take the mayonnaise and rub it thoroughly into the seat; let it soak for 5 minutes.

  3. Wipe off the mayonnaise
  4. Take a wet rag and wipe off the mayonnaise along with any loose burnt fibers.

  5. Use a razor on the remaining burn marks
  6. Take a razor blade and scrape off the remaining fibers.

  7. Cut out a small piece of fabric
  8. Use the same razor to cut off a small piece of fabric from underneath the seat.

  9. Glue the cut piece of fabric onto the stain
  10. Take the cut off piece of fabric and glue it onto the stain area. The damage will be covered, and the patch will blend in with the rest of the cloth seat.