How Do You Fix a Cigarette Burn on Car Upholstery?

To fix a cigarette burn on car upholstery, use mayonnaise, a wet cloth, a small razor and fabric glue. Rub the mayonnaise on the burn and let it sit for a few minutes. Clean the mayonnaise off with the wet cloth. This process helps detach the burn marks. Next, use the razor to cut a small piece of fabric from the underside of the seat, and attach it to the burned area with the fabric glue.

Another simple method to fix burn marks on car upholstery requires only a razor and superglue. Use the razor to scrape the seats. This loosens some of the fibers. Gather the fibers and attach them to the burned area using the super glue. This makes the burned area blend better with the rest of the seat. Some directions for this method involve using a flat-head screwdriver to apply the glue to the burn hole.

For best results, heat the glue with a hairdryer prior to starting the project to aid the cure-time of the adhesive. Additionally, you should not attempt the project in weather below 60 degrees. Many fabric glues are extremely flammable, so be sure to do the project away from sparks, flame and cigarette smoking.