How Do You Fix Chipping Automotive Paint?


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Repair paint chips on a car by locating the paint number on the vehicle identification plate, feathering the edges of the chip with rubbing compound, cleaning the area with alcohol, applying primer and painting the chip. While it is still possible to see the damage with a close examination, it is not visible from a few feet.

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Manufacturers place the identification plate in different places on cars. Some owner's manuals explain where to find it. If you are unable to find the color number, it is sometimes possible to identify it by the make and model of the car. Most of the time, it is possible to buy a small bottle of the matching paint in a bottle with a brush applicator, similar to a nail polish bottle; however, if the only matching paint is available in a spray can, spray some of the paint into the cap and apply it with a fine artist's brush.

Apply primer to the chip before applying the paint. For very small chips, the end of a paper match makes a good primer applicator. Allow enough time for the complete evaporation of solvent from the primer before proceeding with the other repairs. For larger chips, you may need to seal the repair with clear coat to make it less visible.

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