How Do You Fix a Chevrolet Silverade Tailgate?

How Do You Fix a Chevrolet Silverade Tailgate?

Repairing a damaged tailgate on a Chevrolet Silverado requires installing a new replacement unit. The replacement tailgate should be painted before being installed on the vehicle.

When a pick-up truck is rear-ended, one of the first components to receive damage is the tailgate. If the tailgate dents inward, it will not close properly, posing a safety threat for anyone driving behind the vehicle and  causing the cargo to be unsecured. The following instructions explain how to replace a tailgate on a Chevrolet Silverado.

  1. Open the tailgate
  2. Open the tailgate. If it is crushed inwards, use a pry bar on it.

  3. Remove the handle assembly
  4. There will be mounting screws behind the tailgate. Loosen them to remove the handle.

  5. Locate and remove the support cables
  6. The cables are located on either side of the tailgate. Loosen and remove them.

  7. Disconnect the wiring for the tailgate
  8. Disconnect the small harness that controls the lights on the tailgate.

  9. Lift the tailgate up
  10. Lift the tailgate from its hinge. If the tailgate gets stuck, inspect the sides and remove any obstructions holding it down.

  11. Install the new tailgate
  12. The new tailgate may need to be paint matched to the vehicle. Be sure to paint the tailgate before installing it back to the truck. Reconnect its wire harness, cables and handle.