How Do You Fix a Car Window That Won't Roll Up?

To fix a car window that does not roll up, remove the car door panel, and inspect the inside for misaligned tracks and wires. Test the motor, and use a voltmeter to test electrical wires. You need a panel removal tool, rubber insulated gloves, a flat-head screwdriver and a voltmeter.

  1. Remove the car door panel

    Use a flathead screwdriver to remove all screws and decorative coverings along the front of the panel. Use the panel removal tool to pry the panel off the door.

  2. Inspect the tracks

    Place the rubber insulated gloves on your hands. Inspect the tracks that the window slides up and down on. If the window is misaligned, realign it along the tracks.

  3. Inspect the wires

    Inspect the electrical wires, and make sure the wires do not cause an interference along the track. Use a voltmeter to determine if the wires are live and active. If a wire shows a dead reading, purchase a new wire, and replace the old one.

  4. Test the motor

    Press the power window control button. If the motor does not run, test the power window control button on the other window. If both motors do not run, purchase a new fuse, and replace the old one. If only one motor does not run, disconnect it, and install a new one.

  5. Test the window, and replace the panel

    Test the window to make sure it works. Line the panel along the door, and replace the screws and decorative coverings.