How Do You Fix Your Car's Air Conditioning?


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To fix your car's air conditioning, check and repair any leakage in the coils; check the pressure and level of the refrigerant; clean the condenser; and identify and replace any dysfunctional fuses, switches and damaged wires. In addition, replace the fan belt and the electric clutch, if necessary.

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To check for leakage in the car's air conditioner coils, introduce a fluorescent dye into the low-pressure recharge port of the unit, located on its canister. Follow the instructions provided with the dye when adding it. Then, switch on the air conditioner, and use an ultraviolet light to check whether the coils become colored. If they do, fix the problem with a leak sealer available with air conditioning refill kits.

To check the refrigerant's pressure and level, connect a pressure gauge to the hose of the compressor, and switch on the air conditioner. If the gauge reads below normal, have a technician refill the refrigerant.

If the condenser fan does not work, clean the component with a rag to remove accumulated material. If the air conditioner hums when switched on, the compressor is functional. If not, check for a blown fuse, dysfunctional switch, damaged wire or low levels of refrigerant, and replace or repair accordingly.

To examine the clutch, remove the connector of the wire that runs between the compressor and the electric clutch, and attach the wire to the car battery's positive terminal. If there is no clucking noise when the connection is made, replace the clutch. Otherwise, check and replace the fuse and any damaged wires.

If the compressor fan belt is broken, replace it. If these repairs do not solve the problem, contact a qualified technician.

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