How Do You Fix a Broken Sway Bar?


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Replace a broken sway bar by using a special tool to remove the stabilizer bushing and the bar end links and then replacing the parts with new ones. Stabilizer bar bushings and bar end links that are worn cause clunking noises.

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A typical car has a sway bar in the front and another in the back, though some cars only have front sway bars. Sway bars stabilize the car and prevent it from leaning too much during turns. The inner end of the sway bar connects to the car's frame. The outer end connects to the struts or control arms, which hold the wheels onto the car, with a sway bar end link. Over time, the sway bar end links and bushings wear out and begin to make a clunking noise.

A special tool is required to remove the sway bar end links and bushings. FamilyHandyMan.com suggests beginning by replacing the bushings. The bushings are the most likely cause of the noise, and they are also the easiest, least expensive part to replace. If the bushings are replaced and the noise persists, replace the sway bar end links. If the entire sway bar requires replacement, it can be done at this time as well.

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