How Do You Fix a Broken Car Mirror?

fix-broken-car-mirror Credit: MoMorad/E+/Getty Images

To fix a broken car mirror, remove the broken part taking care with the molding and electrical connections if applicable. Select a mirror that matches the vehicle model and attach to the vehicle.

Repairing a side mirror

A four-in-one screwdriver, panel removal lever, trim pad remover and hooked pick are usually required to take off door paneling and dismantle the mirror assembly.

If the mirror is electric, disconnect the electrical connector to fully remove the mirror.

Replace the glass or install a new mirror if needed.

Repairing a rearview mirror

Removing a rearview mirror involves taking the mirror assembly off of the button that secures it to the window. Take care to remove the molding and disconnect the electrical system of the mirror assembly.

Replace the glass or install a new mirror and replace according to package directions.