How Do You Fix a Broken Bolt in an Engine?


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If the bolt stuck in the engine is protruding from the surface, tightly clamp pliers onto the bolt, and try turning it out. If the bolt doesn't come out, use a propane torch to heat the bolt and surrounding metal surface until they turn a dull red color. Don't overheat the bolt, as you may damage the engine or surrounding parts. Try turning the bolt once again using the pliers.

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If the bolt still doesn't come out, grind or file the protruding part until it's aligned with the surrounding metal surface. Use a drill bit or center punch to locate the center of the bolt's shaft, and create a starter hole for the drill. With the aid of a left-hand drill set, drill through the bolt shaft. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the shaft.

If the drill bit doesn't unscrew the bolt shaft, use a larger drill bit. Repeat until you're left with remnants of the bolt's threads in the hole. Use a dental pick or threading tap to remove the remnants. If the threads were damaged in the process, tap new and larger threads into the hole, and find a larger bolt to fit there. Alternatively, fit a HeliCoil in the hole you tapped.

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