How Do You Fix a Bent Car Frame?

A person can not fix a bent car frame — the vehicle needs to be repaired at an automotive service center that has access to a frame straightening machine. When a vehicle is damaged during a collision, the frame of the car may bend, and in these cases, throws off its structural integrity and the ability to drive. Even if the frame looks fine, it may still be damaged and can only be fixed using precision tools.

The frame is the primary structural component of a vehicle that every part of the chassis attaches too. When the frame is damaged, the dynamics of the chassis become compromised.

It does not take much to damage a frame on a vehicle. Newer vehicles, for instance, use "crumple zones." Crumple zones are a safety feature that allows a vehicle's frame to take damage from collisions. The frame absorbs most of the impact to avoid the vibrations from entering the cabin and hurting its occupants.

A person does not have the strength it requires to pull a frame back to its original form. In order to have any chance straightening a vehicle, a precision-based frame straightening machine must be used. These machines use lasers to measure the chassis of the vehicle and compare it with stock undamaged variations of the car. Once the measurements are correctly made, the machine starts to pull and mold the frame of the vehicle back to its original form.