How Do You Fix an AC Hose?

How Do You Fix an AC Hose?

To fix an AC hose, disconnect the battery and replace the damaged hose and other parts. Wear safety glasses when working on the vehicle, says Refrigerant oil, replacement hoses and O rings and an AC machine are needed to perform this repair.

To fix an AC hose:

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Open the vehicle's hood. Locate the AC hose. Use an open-ended wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable.

  3. Clear the AC system
  4. Use an AC machine to recover any refrigerant in the system. Next, remove the damaged AC hoses.

  5. Attach new parts
  6. Install the new AC hose. If necessary, also install new O-rings, which connect to the hose.

  7. Reconnect the battery and evacuate the system
  8. Take the negative battery cable and reattach it to the system with the open-ended wrench. Evacuate all remaining AC refrigerant. This should be done using an AC system to create a total vacuum.

  9. Recharge the system
  10. Use the refrigerant to recharge the AC system. Each vehicle has a different capacity for AC refrigerant so be careful of under or overfilling it. Leak test the AC system.

  11. Run the AC system
  12. Test to see if the AC is working properly. Turn it on and check to see if cold air comes out of the air duct.