What Are Some Financing Options at Ewald Ford in Hartford, WI?

Financing options from Ewald Ford in Hartford, Wisconsin include leasing and vehicle loans. Customers can also pay in cash upfront, which eliminates future monthly payments. There are pros and cons of all financing options.

Paying cash requires a buyer to spend more up front, but after paying, no other payment is necessary to own the car. This payment includes the total cash price of the car, taxes, title fee, government charges and other add-ons, such as insurance.

If choosing a leasing option, the buyer can expect to have lower monthly payments because the payment only goes to the depreciation of the vehicle and not the full purchase price. However, often the insurance on a vehicle with a lease is higher than on other cars, and after a set period of time, the driver must return the vehicle to the dealership. A lease also comes with a maximum amount of miles available to the driver, and drivers must pay a penalty if they have exceeded it at the end of the lease terms.

Financing with a loan is a third option at Ewald Ford; this option is the most expensive up front, but after paying all payments, the driver owns the vehicle. However, the insurance costs are typically less expensive and monthly payments cover taxes, interest and finance charges.