How Do You Fill Out an OSHA Forklift Inspection Form?


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Filling out an OSHA forklift inspection form requires the vehicle operator to perform a pre-operation inspection that indicates whether or not the forklift is in the correct condition to operate. If the forklift passes, an operation inspection is performed. Observations collected from both inspections are recorded on the checklists available on OSHA's website, including if the forklift needs to be taken out of service.

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OSHA's forklift inspection is required during each shift change, and the pre-operation inspection is completed visually. Check all fluid levels, and examine the machine's hydraulic hoses for leaks or cracks. Note the condition of the tires, including pressure ratings, and examine the forks for a functional top clip retaining pin and heel. Check that the backrest extension, finger guards and safety devices, including seat belts, decals and nameplates, are in working order, and make sure the operator's compartment is free of debris. Additionally, the user manual must be in a visible spot on the forklift.

Different types of forklifts require different pre-operation inspections. Electric forklifts need the battery restraints, electrolyte levels and hood latches examined. Check the cables for frayed wires, as well. Internal combustion forklifts need the radiator, belts and hoses, air filter, coolant, oil and brake reservoir checked. A liquid propane forklift must have a secure tank with a pressure relief valve pointing up, and the tank must be free of damage, fit in a truck and have proper restraint brackets.

The operational inspection of any forklift is the same. Test the accelerator, brakes, steering, drive control and tilt control. The hoist and lowering control need to be in operating order, as do the horn, lights and backup alarm.

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